• Contest Type

    Naming/Company Name

  • Title of the Project

    woman-owned home improvement company needs to soar above the crowd

  • What is your Business/ Brand about?

    I am a slightly crazy but highly skilled, seasoned woman with many years of remodeling experience. I offer design, painting, color work, tile, minor construction, reworking kitchens, custom woodwork, etc

  • Want a .com URL?

    Yes, But minor variations are allowed

  • Acceptable Domain Extensions


  • Type of Business

    1. Local Businesses - Home Improvement
    2. Local Businesses - Home Improvement Service
    3. Construction

  • Tell us about your customers

    young professionals, single women, parents, financially upper middle class, real estate agents

  • Additional Details

    I want a name that represents my somewhat quirky, creative personality but reflects the quality I offer and the concern I have that the customer is happy with the results. There are a million guys doing this work so I need to stand out but not as if I am incapable of doing big boy work - I do better big girl work. After being a graphic designer for many years I know how to figure out what a customer wants and then I take them to the next step - I listen. I have reworked many, many homes and painted even more. I know color, construction, I'm great with unique materials so if you hate your kitchen but can't afford new cabinets I'm for you. If you want a wonderful wide format custom designed wallpaper, I'm your gal. If you want to have a magical garden in your daughter's room, call me. Need a custom-built island in your kitchen using Grandma's roller skates, pick up my card. Plus I am very affordable. I don't want to say I have a woman's touch, sort of thing, but I am a woman, I'm friendly, approachable, relaxed, flexible and often help people to choose something a little different that they might not have felt comfortable picking by themselves. I hate the term "home improvement", I like the word "home". I hate "remodeling". I do just paint if that's what someone wants, so my name cannot suggest I only do unique work. My customer is the mid-range person - I'm not a cheap date, but I can do small projects cost effectively. The high end customers probably would choose to pay way more and get someone in a suit. A more casual name that is catchy and appealing to a young professional or cool older woman who has a little extra money and needs to have some work done would reach my target customer. I will also target real estate agents who need to refer someone, so something that is easy to say, spell and remember is important. Think fun, color, enjoying a home that is designed to be special for you.

  • Names We Like


  • Names We Don't Like

    remodeling, home improvement, painting, , interior design,

  • Unique aspects about the business or brand

    1. exceptional design and building skills
    2. a stickler for detail
    3. affordable, approachable

  • Maximum number of letters

    I don't have a preference

  • Maximum number of words

    No Limit

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