• Contest Type

    Naming/Brand Name

  • Title of the Project

    Need a name for a beverage for children

  • What is your Business/ Brand about?

    We sell a mix of fruits and vegetables as a tasty healthy drink

  • Want a .com URL?

    No, I am only looking for a name, not a URL

  • Type of Business

    1. Food & Beverage Brands
    2. Companies & Organizations - Food & Beverage Company
    3. Kids & Baby
    4. Food & Drink

  • Tell us about your customers

    Children aged 5-14, European

  • Additional Details

    We want to go for a short, playful, name that will appeal to children aged 5-14. It should be short (maximum 2 syllables), easy to pronounce and memorable. We're not looking for explicit variations of vitamin, nutrition, health, fruits, vegetables, etc. Kids don't care about this. The name should focus on expressing characteristics such as fun, playful and/or cool.

  • Names We Like

    Panda, Tedi, Bot

  • Names We Don't Like

    Sloop, NutriAnything, VitaAnything etc.

  • Unique aspects about the business or brand

    1. Tasty
    2. Fun
    3. Healthy (parents will agree to buy it)

  • Maximum number of letters

    I don't have a preference

  • Maximum number of words

    No Limit

Food & Beverage Brands Name Ideas

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