• Contest Type

    Naming/Brand Name

  • Title of the Project

    Cannabis Product Umbrella Brand Name

  • What is your Business/ Brand about?

    We produce cannabis-derived products (oils, edibles, concentrates, etc.) for consumption by medical cannabis patients.

  • Want a .com URL?

    No, I am only looking for a name, not a URL

  • Type of Business

    1. Companies & Organizations - Cannabis
    2. Companies & Organizations - Cannabis

  • Additional Details

    We produce several cannabis-derived products, such as oils, edibles, concentrates, and vaporizer products. Each of these products has a different name; however, we would like to create an umbrella brand name to encompass them all (like how the Mars Corporation encompasses Snickers, Milky Way, M&M's, etc.). We try to steer clear of stoner culture, so please no names that include Weed, Green, Canna, Chronic, Dope, High, Stoned, etc.

  • Maximum number of letters

    I don't have a preference

  • Maximum number of words

    Two Words


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