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    Need a name for product

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    The nano particle Oyster Shell Calcium Supplement

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    Health Supplement Importers, Nutraceutical Industry World Wide

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    The calcium powder produced from Oyster Shell by Nano Technology will be a fresh welcome to The calcium deficient public (osteoporosis) and I Believe it has a great market potential throughout the World. The Nano particle is the size of one/one billions of a Meter (1/1,000,000 million mm), produced not by Grinding but by laser application. The calcium particle Is so fine that it is swiftly absorbed into the system And once in the blood stream, the particles travel Fast by Brownian motion to be deposited in bone Structure. Number of Scientific tests have proven the Excellent absorption rate of Nano-Cal, compared to the Conventional calcium intake. In addition, the university clinical tests in the span Of 4-years identified a substantial increase of bone Density (T-Score) after administering the Nano-Cal. Numerous clinical reports testified the real-time cure Of "Osteoporosis" which cannot be achieved easily. The outstanding characteristics of our Nano-Cal is the Particle size which is totally different from the Traditional calcium powder. 1. Efficacy, absorption and stability of NANO particles 1) Efficacy The micron sized particles are almost not absorbed practically in the body. However, the NANO pulverized particles are mostly easily broken, digested and absorbed in the body. The specific merit of the NANO particles pulverized in our mill is to especially maintain the specific "as is" natural TASTE, INCENSE, and NUTRITION of the materials. 2) Stability NANO foodstuffs are absolutely safe. (Practically, there has been a lots of nano-foodstuffs and nano-cosmetic items from old ages. As an example, our NANO pulverized particles, are as absolutely safe as such various drinking beverages like water, milk, orange juice and other extracted organic materials, and such cosmetic items like nutrition cream, skin lotion, perfume and etc. because the particles sizes pulverized in our mill are equivalent in particle sizes to those sizes mentioned above. 2. Advantage of NANO Calcium compare to other oyster calcium or synthetic calcium carbonate No calcium supplement available in the marketplaces can recuperate Osteoporosis. But only the NANO calcium produced in our mill can recuperate Osteoporosis perfectly. Accordingly, the remarkable ripple effect is extended on such symptoms as arthritis, infertility, hepatitis B, diabetes and helps rejuvenation highly.

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    Nano Calcium Supplement

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    1. nano particle Calcium
    2. Cure Osteoporosis Diseases

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