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    Naming/Company Name

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    Name our Startup Applying Artificial Intelligence to Mental Health

  • What is your Business/ Brand about?

    We apply AI to mental health to give individuals access to peer support and therapy at any time, from anywhere, while allowing institutions to cope with this increased patient demand in a cost-effective way.

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    No, I am only looking for a name, not a URL

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    1. Health & Medical - Counseling & Mental Health
    2. Health & Medical - Occupational Therapy

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    Our Mission

    Our mission is overcome barriers surrounding mental health care by harnessing technology to scalably connect individuals anonymously to networks of peers who can relate. 

    The Task At Hand:

    Our startup, currently named Beacon, needs a new name. In a nutshell: we apply artificial intelligence to mental health, making care available from anywhere, anytime, anonymously. We deploy AI tools integrated into a mobile app where small communities of peers come together and interact in an environment moderated by clinician or therapist.

    What We Do:

    Beacon is a mobile application for text- and voice-based group therapy that uses NLP to combine the persistence of peer support with the clinical efficacy of therapy. Through our mobile platform, users can tap into a support group with a profile anonymous to other users and receive peer support from others going through similar issues. Patients can receive text-based support 24/7 in tailored group chats of 5-7 peers, with clinical structure provided through scheduled VoIP conference calls with a therapist. 

    We discovered early on that anonymity allows users to speak what is on their mind without fear of judgement, but as seen by the behavior of Trolls on social media sites such as Reddit and YikYak, anonymity has a malicious side. Since it is not feasible for a moderator to review every user interaction line-by-line in real time, we developed natural language processing algorithms to assist group moderation. This algorithm runs in real time on text messages being sent by users and automatically detects phrases that are indicative of suicidal or malicious intent, immediately triggering human intervention.  


    The names can be derived from these words, or just related in idea.













    North Star


    Oxygen Tank




    Safety Net

    More general suggestions:







    Who are our customers?

    We are deploying with a B2B SaaS model in which we license out our app to organizations with an existing infrastructure of therapists and peer supporters.

    The institutions we sell to include universities, police departments, fire departments, and large healthcare systems. The first three benefit from a platform like ours as they include populations highly stigmatized against any kind of treatment for mental health issues, while latter group would see gains in provider efficiency for a large scale adoption of our platform.

    Our value proposition to Institutions lies in allowing them to cost-effectively meet the full mental health needs of their population, and serve as an early detection tool for mental health crises. Adopting Beacon also provides significant cost savings by increasing the efficiency of existing clinicians and therapists.

    What do we need?

    We need a new name for our company, and this the name will be primarily be seen only by institutions (primarily purchasers) and investors. This means the end users within an institution will not be see this name, as most institutions prefer to rebrand the app. (e.g, At universities our app is called Atrium, and fire departments prefer the name Callbox.

    The name we are looking for must resonate with our customers and investors while capturing the company's core focus. Which are:

    1. Group / Community modality of therapy & support

    2. 24/7 Anonymous (i.ie stigma-free) help to build people up

    3. AI & NLP Tech

    Since mental health is a highly emotional topic, we need a name to consider larger aspects of how we'd build a brand around it. 

    Special Considerations:

    -No major therapy provider, behavioral health system, or hospital can be using the name. This is why intuitive names like Beacon or Harbor are not usable

    -do not force chat into name suggestions

    Types of Names (examples provided are ones we like, but cannot use)

    Mesh - A name that is more descriptive and combines 2 or more words.

    -Talkspace (a competitor)

    -Joyable (a competitor)

    -7CupsOfTea (a competitor)

    Motif -

    More metaphorical, evoking themes of guidance, journey, community etc.

    -Pacifica (a competitor)





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  • Names We Like

    Talkspace, Joyable, Pacifica

  • Names We Don't Like

    No deliberate misspellings

  • Unique aspects about the business or brand

    1. Group / Community modality of therapy & support
    2. 24/7 Anonymous (i.ie stigma-free) help to build people up
    3. AI & NLP Tech

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    I don't have a preference

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    No Limit

  • Preferred Type of Name

    1. Compound (WordPress, Facebook, SnapChat)


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