How Does
Squadhelp Work?

Instead of hiring a branding agency, Squadhelp allows you to host competitions for business names, tag lines, logos and other marketing projects. Thousands of creatives across the globe compete with each other and suggest their ideas. At the end of contest, you select one winner who submitted the best entry. The winner gets paid, and you benefit from the collective wisdom of creatives across the globe.
It's quick, simple and costs a fraction of an agency!

4 Simple Steps


Create a Contest

Simply write your project brief and start receiving submissions from creatives across the globe.


Get tons of submissions

Dozens of creatives from across the globe work for you at the same time! A typical naming contest receives several hundred submissions


Provide Feedback

Provide ongoing feedback and rate the submissions during the contest so that creatives can further improve their work.


Pick your winner!

Once you see the one you like the most, announce the winner and close the contest.

General questions
  • Why should I use Squadhelp?

    You always have an option of hiring a consultant or coming up with the name yourself. However, Squadhelp can help you tap into the collective wisdom of thousands of experts across the globe. Typically, you would spend far less money with Squadhelp (our contests start at $199) than hiring an agency. Also, you will receive immediate results. Most contests begin receiving submissions within few hours after starting. Most importantly, Squadhelp provides you with choice: you get to see actual submissions from dozens (in some cases, hundreds) of contestants before you select a winner.

  • How much does it cost?

    Our naming competitions start at $199, and our logo design competitions start at $299. You can also select a higher pricing package to attract even more participation and take advantage of additional features. See our Pricing Page for details.

  • What kind of work can I crowdsource?

    You can host competitions for Naming, Taglines, Logos, SEO Audit, Usability Testing and many other marketing related projects.

  • What if I want to keep my business idea private?

    You can select a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) option at the time of launching a competition. This will ensure that only those contestants who agree to the NDA will be able to read your project brief and participate in the contest. The contest details will be kept private from other users as well as search engines.

  • What if I don't like anyone's work?

    Our creatives work extremely hard to ensure a successful outcome for all projects. If you do not like any of the submissions, we can add more days to your contest at no extra cost. In addition, our Gold Packages come with a partial refund option. If you do not like the quality of submissions, you can request a refund for the contest award fees (if you keep your gold package contest as "Not Guaranteed"). We also offer complimentary branding consultation to ensure you get the best outcome from your contest. Read more about our Refund policy.

  • Can I see any examples?

    Our creatives have submitted over 4 Million names and thousands of logos on our platform. Here are some examples of Names, Tag lines and Logos that were submitted in recent contests.

  • Where can I read about feedback from other customers?

    Thousands of customers have used Squadhelp to find great Names, Taglines and Logos for their businesses. Here are some of the recent customer testimonials.


Check out our FAQs or send us a message. For assistance with launching a contest, you can also call us at (877) 355-3585 or schedule a Branding Consultation