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About Sliding.com

Sliding: "1. Rising or falling, increasing or decreasing, according to a standard or to a set of conditions. 2. Operated, adjusted, or moved by sliding" An incredible short, popular and fun dictionary word that can be applied to countless types of businesses. 'Sliding' has over 200,000,000 exact match search results and is used in many contexts, to name a few: Sliding doors, photography (slides), sliding phones, sliding scales, sliding in water parks and playgrounds, baseball and many others. Sliding is also the kind of word that can have a whole new meaning applied to it. For example, in the late 90's the popular series Sliders invented a new meaning for the word: sliding=moving between parallel universes. So the possibilities with Sliding are truly endless. Use it to make your brand stand out! The domain is aged from 1999.

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a Finance business, a Retail company, a Tech Platform and more!

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