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Beautifully presented, all names are curated by Squadhelp branding experts. Also submit your names to hundreds of naming contests every month.

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We Deliver More Sales

With a combination of significant marketing investment, branding experience (from our 25,000+ naming projects) and smart technology, our platform delivers higher sales in a relatively short time-frame.

Right Audience

From well-funded startups to large companies such as Nestle and Dell, Squadhelp receives the largest number of companies with immediate Naming projects. Your domains will have an opportunity to be discovered by the top "end-users" in the industry

Right Price

While our goal is to deliver the most value to the sellers, we don't inflate selling prices to unrealistic levels. Since we do not charge any listing fees or appraisal fees, the only way we make money is if the name sells. We price the domains at a realistic level, in order to maximize the selling potential for your names.

Beautifully presented

In addition to eye catching Logo Designs, many of the names also receive beautiful, lifestyle images that boost the presentation and selling potential of the name.

Benefits of Squadhelp Marketplace

As World's #1 naming platform, we offer significantly more benefits than any other brandable marketplace. Here are few ways in which you can benefit by selling on Squadhelp Premium Domain marketplace

  • High Exposure

  • Largest Marketing Investment

    We promote your names across all major marketing channels

    Squadhelp makes significantly higher marketing investment compared to any other Brandable domain marketplace or naming platform. See Similarweb's traffic comparison:

  • Participation In Naming Contests
    Pitch directly to end users.

    Squadhelp hosts hundreds of naming contests every month. Several of these companies have budgets ranging from $2000 to $100,000 to find a perfect name. Submit your names directly to these contests and increase your liklihood of a purchase.

  • Beautiful Presentation

  • Complimentary Logo Design
    Eye Catching Logo Designs

    All names in our Premium Domain Marketplace receive eye catching logo design from our professional creative designers.

  • Lifestyle Visual Images
    Bring your names to life

    Many domains also receive a lifestyle image that greatly enhances the presentation.

  • Transparency & Trust

  • Zero Hidden Fees
    Completely Transparent Commission Structure

    There are no listing fees, no withdrawal fees, no appraisal fees. You only pay the commission that is assigned to the name.

  • Delist Anytime
    No Long Term Locks

    We want sellers to have complete control over their names. You can withdraw your names from our marketplace at any time by giving us a 7 day notice

  • Advanced Technology

  • Machine Learning & Visual Search
    Better Discovery of Relevant Names

    Our advanced AI and Visual Search technology personalizes the user experience for our buyers and they receive the most relevant name recommendations based upon their interest and preferences. This increases the liklihood of buyers finding a great name.

  • Automatic Submission To Contests
    We do the work for you

    Our smart AI based technology automatically recommends your names to the most relevant naming contests.

  • Sales & Support

  • Real Time Assistance
    We are online 24 X 7

    Our typical response time for incoming buyer inquiries and support requests is under 5 minutes. Our team is online 24 X 7 across all time zones including holidays.

Commission & Fees

Squadhelp Commissions

  • Selling Price/ Your Commission
  • Below $2500: Variable Commission (Typically 30-35%)
  • $2500 to $5000: 30% Commission
  • $5000 to $50K: 25% Commission
  • $50K to $75K: 20% Commission
  • Above $75K: 15% Commission

Other Benefits

  • No Logo Design Fees
  • No Listing Fees
  • No Withdrawal Fees
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to pay any listing fees?

Unlike other Marketplaces, Squadhelp does not charge any fees besides the standard selling commission. There are no listing fees, no Logo Design fees, no Appraisal fees or any other hidden fees.

Do you also register names on behalf of sellers?

Squadhelp is the only platform that also pays for Domain registration as an alternative listing option. Simply go to your Marketplace Dashboard to start submitting great domain name ideas, and if your name is accepted, SH will register it on your behalf. In this case, the commission you receive is lower than the commission offered on seller registered domains.

How much does Squadhelp invest in Marketing and Advertising

While we do not disclose the actual marketing spends, our marketing investment is by far the highest in the industry. As a result of our significant marketing spends, we attract the highest amount of visitors (more than 200,000 unique visitors every month). See the SimilarWeb ranking report in previous section for a detailed comparison.

Do you have any special incentives for large domain portfolios?

Absolutely! If you have a large domain portfolio (over 100 names), contact us for our special VIP Domainer Program

Do you offer installment plans?

We offer an installment plans to our domain buyers. This plan is fully managed by Squadhelp and you have complete control on whether or not to participate in this program.

Are there any fees for withdrawal?

There are no fees to withdraw your commissions from SH to your Paypal or Payoneer account.

How do I get started?

Simply sign up as a Creative and visit your Marketplace Dashboard. Follow these instructions to begin submitting your names.

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