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Cutting-edge technology such as Quality Scoring and Machine Learning allow beauty brands to work with freelance naming experts in a brand new way. Say goodbye to the old agency experience, and hello to the future of brand naming. Gamification ensures two-way communication with your team of dozens of freelancers.

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Names For a Spa & Salon Brand

When consumers research spa or salon brands, they are looking for a brand that will take care of them, pamper them and create a relaxing environment. A memorable, evocative brand name can help achieve these expectations. These types of names attract attention, communicate core values, and help target audiences recall your beauty brand over your competitors.

The most important thing to consider when naming your spa or salon brand is your core brand values. Does your spa or salon brand value luxury and exclusivity like Spa Montage Beverly Hills or Lapis Spa? Or does it appeal to those who appreciate affordability as well as relaxation like RiverStone Resort and Spa or Strawberry Park Hot Springs? Spa or salon brand names can portray everything from sophistication, playfulness, to confidence. Make sure that the spa or salon brand name you choose emphasizes the values that matter most to your target audiences.

Once you have a shortlist of names that fit the core values of your spa or salon brand, it’s important to go through validation testing. Audience testing is a great way to see if target audiences are responding positively to your chosen spa or salon brand names. You may be surprised to see just which names appeal the most to your target audience. And as always, go through trademark testing to make sure your spa, salon or beauty brand doesn’t violate any existing trademarks. When it comes to artistic industries like spa, salon or beauty, it pays to have a name that’s powerful and evocative.

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