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Contest Winner: MostCreative

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    Our Company is going to sell products online in different categories (house ware, decoration, sports, fashion, souvenir...)

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    1. Brands & Products
    2. Kids & Baby
    3. Bags / Luggage
    4. Beauty & Cosmetics
    5. Brands & Products - Brand
    6. Brands & Products - Camera/Photo
    7. Brands & Products - Cars
    8. Clothing Brand
    9. Brands & Products - Commercial Equipment
    10. Brands & Products - Computers (Brand)
    11. Brands & Products - Electronics
    12. Food & Beverage Brands
    13. Furniture & Home Furnishings
    14. Brands & Products - Games/Toys
    15. Fitness & Health Brands
    16. Home Decor
    17. Brands & Products - Household Supplies
    18. Kitchen and Cooking
    19. Brands & Products - Office Supplies
    20. Brands & Products - Patio/Garden
    21. Pet Supplies
    22. Brands & Products - Phone/Tablet
    23. Tools/Equipment
    24. Vitamins and Supplements
    25. Beer & Wine Brand Names
    26. Fashion & Clothing
    27. Sports Team Names

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    Customer: Gender: men and women,Age: 18+Customer with middle and high income. Our customer is looking for high quality, elegant and luxurious products. Trendy people.

  • Additional Details

    Name of the company: Foxgrade. We need you !!! Be part of the new era. YOU BLOW OUR MIND with the a tagline and we award you with cash :) Imagine, YOU are creating the new global brand (imagine it is apple, nike or any other international well known company you are working on).  We are two guys with a dream to create a total new brand for different kind of products. Our mission: Every household in the world must have at least ONE product of our brand. Every person in the world must know the tagline and have one item of our brand. Little children, adults, old and very old people must be able to remember the tagline  for the rest of their life. It must be catchy and easy/simple the same time. (Example: Nike - just do it). So please, think big :) The tagline alone, should be recognized as a brand. It shouldn´t be neccessary to see the name and the logo of the company to recognize the company. The tagline itself should sound like a brand as well, even without the logo.  Be creative. Find a nice way for the tagline.It must be catchy. But it must be easy at the same time.   If people see the brand (logo+tagline), they must understand, that this brand create only save and high quality products. It shouldn´t be too childish. We are about to build up a serious and high quality brand. Our clients can be everyone, little childred, who are interested in fox toys, young girls and boys who like nice elegant t-shirts and bags, but also adults who want the elegant pen or notebook. The tagline itself must represent our company. We would like to sell our products worldwide. (We begin in USA, Germany and UK) We need a great package with logo, brand name a tagline. The tagline should be catchy and pleasant to say and hear.  Think about the animal, what is the character of a fox? Usage of Logo,Name and Tagline: Mailers, Website, business cards, videos, app icons, social media, letterhead, signage, employee shirts and hats and many other products. As written in the beginning, the brand is about to be in every household worldwide.

    Thank you for your creativity and stay positive :)

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    1. individual, sophisticated,
    2. useful, serious,
    3. High quality materials, great designs

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    1. Open to All

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