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Contest Winner: Ktbirdy

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    Tagline for Boom brand

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    1. Marketing Agency

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    Men & Women - 18-35

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    Boom. BACKGROUND: “Boom” is a term these days that always seems to bubble up as an expression that’s the result of a positive experience. Often accompanied by the fist bump. Sometimes it’s loud, but more often than not, it’s a quiet moment of camaraderie between two people. Boom. Our team just won. Boom. Two left turns, two right turns and – “boom!” – there’s the house. Boom. Got it. Boom. Need this. Boom. Need that. Boom. Boom. Haven’t seen you in a while. Give me the fist bump, blow it up. “Boom.” ASSIGNMENT: We are looking for a 3-5 word tagline for the Boom line of sexual wellbeing products. We want this term to translate well to the world of intimacy and sex. To stand for an entire line of sexual well-being products. Caution: The natural place to go would be the guy-centric BOOM! Success in bed! But this brand name has to work for a wide range of products – more than half appealing to women. Yes there will be condoms. But also lubricants and vibrating devices that are more female-centric. And while women use the devices to “get to the finish line, too” “Boom” can’t just be about orgasm. It’s gotta also work for more experiential positive moments that don’t have to necessarily end with absolute fireworks. So in designing a tagline identity, please remember: • Boom cannot just be about the orgasm. • Boom has to appeal to women even more than men – without being too frilly to men. • Boom has to stand for a range of products. • Boom’s identity has to give off an upscale identity. Boom can be victory or accomplishment Boom can be joy. When things are “booming” they are getting better Boom can be something magical you just felt. (what was that?!) Boom can simply be a connection between two like-minded people. Boom can be the expression you make when the night you envisioned worked out exactly as you had planned. Boom Logo The Boom logo has intertwining O’s. These relate to the positive (Boom) connection the product brings together. Connections between two people. Connections between the product and it’s users.

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