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Contest Winner: Wordsbygreg

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    Green Owl Tech Recycling Slogan

  • What is your Business/ Brand about?

    We are an IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) company. We take in pre-owned computers from individuals and companies, audit and inventory them, test them, destroy the data on them, refurbish them, and hopefully find a reuse for them. If not, we recycle them responsibly, meaning according to standard above EPA guidelines with "zero landfill policies" and no off-shoring of e-waste through the process. The company focus is either Data Security (because we wipe or destroy hard disk drives we receive for a fee) or Responsible Recycling because we are certified as a responsible recycler meaning we are monitored to be certain that none of the harmful items we receive end up in landfills or are shipped to developing nations that do not want them but instead are properly broken down to their rawest materials and properly recycled.

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    1. Something Else

  • Name of company/brand

    Green Owl Tech Recycling

  • Tell us about your customers

    Our customers are either individual community members who bring us home computers and electronics, or small and large businesses that bring us significant quantities of the same or similar models of computer technology, as well as larger commercial products such as servers, switches, routers, firewalls, and telephone equipment. The company is typically represented by the head of finance, the head of technology, the Purchasing department, or in some cases an individual placed in charge of "asset management" or "asset disposition."

  • Additional Details

    The company has existed in South Florida for 18 years as a social enterprise of a nonprofit under a different name, but is about to close its doors.  I am re-opening as Green Owl Tech Recycling with the same team of individuals by purchasing all of the nonprofit's assets, and equipment.  The new company will be a Florida Public Benefit Company (PBC) and will operate in the same county/city.  We work dichotomously with both residential consumers of our services who want to recycle their electronics and technology in a responsible way, and also with businesses who want to do the same, or who have compliance measures in place that compel them to do so.  Businesses are also driven to our services for data destruction as we perform "data sanitization" procedures on their equipment meaning we remove all evidence the equipment belonged to them and we either wipe or shred their hard disk drives.  We do that for some residential consumers as well.  Many businesses work with us under a form Service Agreement that dictates our relationship and how we handle all of their equipment.  CIOs, CFOs, IT professionals, and Purchasing professionals are coming to know this industry as the ITAD or IT Asset Disposition industry and many have "Asset Disposition Manager" positions within their organizations.  We almost named the business "Green Owl ITAD" but felt the industry is still too immature, but we did purchase the domain "" along with "" to cover both basis.  The attached flyer was created to help the C-Suite understand  ITAD.

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    1. Open to All

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