iseehow Apr 25, 2018

"Very happy with the quality and feel of the logo. "

Telemedicine / Wellness company Logo


Virginia Apr 24, 2018

"After the competition was closed, it would have been great if we could have been able to continue rating our entries with the little smiley faces. It makes the rating easier if we can choose between Love it, Like It, Right track etc. After the competition was finished we were limited to Yes or No. Just a small improvement that would make life easier :)"

Brand Name for a Home Services business


Rand Apr 24, 2018

"The online help was really quick and super helpful!!"

Real Estate Company Naming Contest


julie Apr 24, 2018

"It would be nice to scroll through the names faster. The loading up of new names was slow. I do however like the way the contest is ran. "

Agriculture Dealership


macdonald-nikki Apr 23, 2018

"What a cool experience! I love all the creativity - the process has been user friendly and I love my wining name! Thanks Squadhelp "

Nikki's Natural Cleaning


Metman Apr 23, 2018

"Great experience. "

(Creative) Name - athletic/science ORTHOTIC Brand, comp


pjindal Apr 24, 2018

"Thank u "

SLEEPSIA- Name for a premium Sleeping Pillow. Later on product extensions will follow.


i6grp Apr 9, 2018

"very satisfied the number of participants"

Company Logo for human resource services