bradbunnett Jun 20, 2018

"Really helpful and fun. We received over 600 possible names. We would not have come up with a 10th of them on our own. Very effective!"

Name for an Express Car Wash chain


CJ Jun 20, 2018

"This is my first experience. I'm happy with how it went and can't really think of any suggestions. "

Logo for an Investment Advisory Business


Brandon Babcock Jun 19, 2018


"I received a ton of awesome name suggestions, and I am moving forward with one of them!"

Name for a Web Design/Marketing Business


yrae Jun 19, 2018

"Great ideas. Love the name"

Name for a Health & Medical business


yrae Jun 19, 2018

"great response and some very clever ideas."

Name for online retail business


kerry Jun 19, 2018

"it would have helped if the re submission from creatives all were together, so I didn't have to scroll down to find different submissions fro the same creative in different area.s, apart from that, it was fun"

Name for Bakery - Vintage French inspired


mcc Jun 19, 2018

"Easy to use and you get the results you are searching for as long as you put the time to provide the feedback to the those involved in the contest. "

Functional Focus Beverage


sarahnvanwyk Jun 19, 2018

"Great experience, received many great submissions that were thoughtful and on-brand"

Minimalist & Travel Brand


Adam Jun 19, 2018

"Very prompt feedback from support. The contest experience was easy to follow and I am pleased with the result."

Name for a Premium Children's Brand


Peta Jun 19, 2018

"The interface was easy to navigate, it was easy to give feedback to entries, it was easy to conduct extra report analysis (trademark, audience testing). I can not fault this experience. Thank you so much for providing such a great service. "

Name for an elegant Bridal party supplies company