tapple Dec 8, 2018

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natalie.zabranova Dec 6, 2018

"I was very pleasantly surprised about my experience. I loved how quickly the name suggestions came in, how many there were and that the contest runs over a relatively short time (bye procrastination!). Overall, a great experience, thank you!"

Graphic design agency in Austria



triceom49 Dec 5, 2018

"We have been exceptionally pleased with the support and responsiveness of the Squadhelp team. Your website is very intuitive and easy to navigate. We are looking forward to our next contest which includes the logo design work. Keep up the great work! "

Name for a Pet Fitness related business



Ricardo Garcia Dec 4, 2018



"Excellent service"

Name for a Biotech company



Diego C Dec 1, 2018

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Logo for real estate team


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Need a logo and business card design for travel/concierge business


Diego Dec 8, 2018


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Logo for a gelato on a fish-shaped cone business


Jhepburn Dec 3, 2018

"I was so thrilled with my experience with 2 prior projects with Squadhelp that I was very keen to have this latest logo design done with your company again. My experience was even better this time and I have referred a colleague as well. Having input from multiple creative artists is so much better than just working with one or a small team because it allows submission of literally hundreds of design concepts and variations. In fact I ended up selecting a design that was not even consistent with my brief because it was actually better than what I had in mind. I have found the creatives incredibly helpful and accommodating in terms of fine tuning any entry that was submitted. Thank you for a wonderful experience. I would recommend Squadhelp to anyone!"

The Skin Centre


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Name for a Real Estate Investment business



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