mike Aug 11, 2017

"Dynamite experience. Keep it up!"

Digital Media Agency + Technology Company



info Aug 11, 2017

"Really helpful, TY"

Looking for a name for my Real Estate Business



mollieddc Aug 11, 2017

"Great experience! "

Looking for a name for my consulting business



freerooster57 Aug 11, 2017

"Blown away by this service. The creative talent exceeded my expectations. Will be back AND more importantly, will recommend."

Need a logo for my new business:


2greatboys Aug 12, 2017

"Grant and Dani were AMAZING to work with. Dani always had cheer in her voice when I called her 50 times asking questions. I hate our contest is over gonna miss this crew!"

Need a bad ass LOGO!


JT1833 Aug 10, 2017

"I was truly amazed by the creativity and amount of responses that came through. Awesome service"

Looking to name a general construction company



cookininerie Aug 9, 2017

"It was a great experience......would definite recommend! Contestants listen to feedback and get back to you quickly.....Thank you!"

Laser Business Venture



Sweber2870 Aug 9, 2017

"I loved all of the participation. I do wish that some of the early entries would have stayed involved. Overall, I have no suggestions. It is a fantastic business model. Thank you. "

Design a logo for a new business.

Savvy Builders Aug 9, 2017

"Squadhelp was recommended to us by our business consultants. Two years passed before we found out that our original name has trademark issues. Now, just before launch we're pressed with several launch matters -- and re-branding wasn't on the calendar. So, Squadhelp proved to be highly effective in focusing and steam lining our search for a new term to use in branding, while making the process fun.

If there are any concerns about the contest, they're minor and technical in nature. The field of creatives that sent 692 entries in seven days was talented and diverse. A few submitted robotically with generic terms that probably get submitted to several contest, but those were in the minority.

The user interface with your web platform was okay, but at times "sticky." We had to figure out when to refresh certain pages, and at the end of a page, the refresh could often take awhile before adding more entries that we knew were in cue. We liked the filtering options once we reached the dashboard, but initially -- there was some searching to find the list of entries. There's also a search to learn which menu item stores our data. These are not terrible issues, but made the initial integration a little frustrating.

Otherwise, the concept around Squadhelp is excellent, and even the options for up-selling to verify names, trademarks, domain availability, etc. were not offensive, though we sourced all that directly, ourselves.

In all -- an excellent service that provides an easy and engaging platform for what can be a tough job.

Kudos. "

Name for Company Creating Factory-Built Homes/ Structures



WellCorp Aug 9, 2017

"amazing! super creative"

Looking for a modern & fresh logo to represent an individual in the wellness arena