Sargil Oct 15, 2018

"Squadhelp has been excellent in creating a brand name for us. We received many very good entries to choose from which we would never have thought of ourselves."

Brand Name for a Retail company


angela Oct 14, 2018

"I received way more names than I had expected. And they were all great. It made choosing a new name very difficult. You can tell that SquadHelp works with some creative people! Thank you so much! "

Clothing/Store Brand Name



Chris Heydemann Oct 14, 2018


"Squadhelp platform and experience was excellent. It was so much fun to get all the input from Creatives, names I never would have thought of, and think about which my team and I liked the most, and why. Highly recommended!"

Name for a new small business website and branding business



nicole Oct 14, 2018

"Was really great this time again"

logo for a disruptive New York Real Estate brokerage firm offering the same service as the big ones for 1/3 of the price !


David Wilkinson Oct 14, 2018

"I must say that the service provided by Squadhelp was super impressive and extremely helpful. They will bend over backwards to ensure that you are looked after and get the desired outcome. Very appreciative of the support and extra help when I needed it the most. Thank you!"

We are after a Logo for our new products business that caters for cyclists both on road and off road (Mt Biking) and those that seek adventures outdoo


kapoleiinsurance Oct 13, 2018

"I like that so many minds from around the world share their creativity giving businesses a ton of ideas...."

Name for a Retirement and Insurance Planning Busines



mark Oct 12, 2018

"Fantastic experience - very high quality entries for the most part, and the winning artist irni86 was very helpful in final versions etc."

Logo for law firm


michelletindale88 Oct 12, 2018

"We would like to thank all participants for submitting their entries. All entries were greatly appreciated and of extreme quality. We look forward to using Squadhelp again in the future and we would like to personally congratulate the winner on a fantastic name! Thank you."

Brand Name for a Premium Homewares and Lifestyle Brand



brockfreeman35 Oct 11, 2018

"Amazing experience! "

Tinble Catchphrase

A Better Way To Save.


acorn8 Oct 12, 2018

"I will share with anyone needing this type of service. "

LOGO for a Private Practice Counseling Business