luba.evans May 22, 2017


Female Empowerment



IeLWiz May 22, 2017

"Great tool!"

New analytics engine


chris May 22, 2017

"Wish there had been more entries, but the winning entry fit our needs nicely!"

Renters Email Template


e.lenavenec May 22, 2017

"It was good advise to follow up contest from the start and respond to propositions. That really helped to get more ideas generated. It took a couple of days to get better ones. It was only in towards the end that I realized that I could update the brief so that participants could all get the same information. That might of helped participants in the earlier moments as requirements become clearer with the suggestions. The select process was something that I had underestimated. It's seems a little odd to get a proposal to evaluate names mid contest when submissions are getting better. All in all, this really helped reach out to ideas that wouldn't have been considered at all."

Looking for name of a new online service



denite134 May 22, 2017

"The contest feedback was phenomenal. So many options to choose from. It was actually a lot of fun!"

Looking to come up with a brand name



serge9193 Dec 31, 1969

"Second contest with Squadhelp. Excellent sources and great customer service."

looking for a logo for a health food distibution business


mej_16 May 21, 2017

"Nothing, it was a great experience! "

Looking for a name for our online secondhand clothing store



khalid May 21, 2017

"Great selection of names. Thank you all for the suggestions."

Digital Marketing Agency based in Dubai



mitboyle May 20, 2017

"Thank you. Your customer service was excellent and we are pleased with the outcome of the contest. All the best and a big thanks to all the creatives!"

Looking for the name for a website based company that will sell outdoor clothing at both a discount and for full prices. It will sell clothing like th



DARling May 20, 2017

"While trying to think of a name for my business, I realized that I needed some help, after searching on the internet for ideas, I stumbled upon Squadhelp. I loved the idea of crowd sourcing for a name! Having more than 100 brains out in the world to help me was not only a terrific experience, it was a lot of fun!"

Need a great name for real estate Transaction Coordination and Marketing business