How to Improve Contest Participation

You can greatly improve the outcome of you contest by following these simple guidelines.

  •  Rate early and often: Start rating the entires as early as possible, so that the contestants can adjust their direction based upon your feedback. Follow this guide for rating your entries:
  •  Nah:  This submission is not a good fit
  •  On Right Track:  Contestant is on the right track but I neither love nor hate this entry
  •  Like it:  Could be what I'm looking for. Overall, a very good entry
  •  Love it:  Love this entry and it could be one of the winners
  •  Add comments: Start providing feedback to contestants by adding comments on your contest page. Comments added in the Messages tab are visible to all contestants. If you want to share feedback with a specific contestant, you can add a comment next to the specifc entry. Here is a good example of a comment, that provides a more specific direction to contestants. "Enjoying the first wave of submissions, particularly those with a a nice twist on spelling of words, references to NZ and Eco attributes"
  •  Your Feedback Score: As you rate entries, and provide feedback to contestants, your own rating automatically improves. Several high quality contestants only participate in those contests where the contest holder's feedback rating is very high. Therefore, providing ongoing feedback not only helps improve the quality of submissions, it also attracts other high quality contestants to your contest.
  •  Domain Name Registration: In case of Naming contests, our policy requires that you compensate the creatives if you register any domain names (URL) based upon the contest entries. All reported domain name registrations appear in your contest stats. Many creatives stop participating in contests with reported domain registrations because they are concerned about their Intellectual Property. Therefore, you should not register any names while your contest is active. If you register any names, make sure that the creative receives compensation either by selecting their name as a winner or by sending them a bonus.
  •  Contestants Point System: Our platform rewards those contestants who submit high quality entries. We issue points to contestants when you (the contest holder) like or love their entries. On the other hand, if the contestants receive too many low ratings, it can reduce the number of entries they are allowed to submit in future. This mechanism acts as a strong feedback loop in improving the overall quality of the submissions to the contests.


Check out our FAQs or send us a message. For assistance with launching a contest, you can also call us at (877) 355-3585 or schedule a Branding Consultation