Tips for Contestants

It is extremely important to follow the guidelines below to maximize your chances of winning as well as maintain good standing in Squadhelp.

  •  Read the brief thoroughly: Take your time. Do your research. Do not submit entries without asking yourself, does this submission meet the detailed criteria provided by the Contest Holder?
  •  No name generators: Do not use name generators or other similar tools to come up with submissions. If you submit too many low quality entries, you will lose significant amount of points, which will impact your ability to participate in future contests. Learn More about our point system
  •   Ask and Adjust: If you are not clear about certain aspect of the brief, you should post a comment in Contest Discussion so that the CH can provide aditional information. Once you do receive additional feedback from CH, you should adjust your future submissions to ensure they incorporate the new aspect of discussion or brief into the contest.
  •   Best Entries: If you have more than 50 points in your account, you have the ability to highlight upto 2 of your submissions in each contest as your "Best Entry". These best entries are visually highlighted for the contest holder. This increases the likelihood that the CH will consider these entries as part of winner selection. Note: 50 points are deducted from your account for every submission you select as Best Entry. Once you highlight an entry as Best Entry, you can not change it. Learn More about Best Entries.
  •   Activity Feed: In order to keep track of ratings being received on your entries, check your Activity Feed on a regular basis. Use the ratings as an input to adjust your approach for future submissions


Check out our FAQs or send us a message. For assistance with launching a contest, you can also call us at (877) 355-3585 or schedule a Branding Consultation