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Seller Branded Marketplace

Launch your own white label Domain Marketplace, powered by Squadhelp's cutting-edge Technology and World-class Customer Service

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Key Benefits

Take your domain portfolio to the next level

Custom Branded, Feature Rich, SEO Optimized Marketplace


Custom Branded

Use your own URL, Logo and Messaging, Choose from a collection of modern, mobile friendly themes.


Powerful Tech & Features

Beautiful, SEO Friendly pages using Squadhelp's powerful technology such as instant Search and AI based recommendations.


No Upfront or Monthly Fees

No Signup Fees. No Listing Fees. Pay a small commission (7.5%) only when the name sells.

Key Features

Much more than a Listing Platform

Get access to a whole host of features and services to list, promote and sell your domains


Advanced Tech

Cutting edge tech features such as instant search and smart AI based recommendations.


Beautiful UX

Clean, modern UX with beautiful landing pages that are optimized to convert


24X7 Sales & Support

Your customers receive "always on" support & sales assistance from the Squadhelp team via chat, email and phone.


Paid Advertising By SH

Advertising and Remarketing of your domains (which include logos) across multiple digital channels


One Click Access to Cloud Services

Access to Squadhelp's crowdsourced team of creatives for Logo Design, Description and Domain Classification.


Easy Liquidity

One-click listing option to liquidate your domains in the Squadhelp Wholesale Marketplace.


List Any Domains

You can add all of your domains even if they are not listed for sale on Squadhelp


Lower Commission on Premium Domains

If a customer buys a seller owned Premium Domain from your Marketplace, you receive an additional 20% back from SH share of commission


Additional Exposure

Your listings will be searchable on in a newly created section (different from Premium Domain Marketplace). In addition, the listings can be automatically syndicated to Sedo and SedoMLS.

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Currently in Private Beta

Low Commissions on Sales

Benefit from all the complimentary features and pay a small commission when the name sells


of selling price


No Setup Fees


No Monthly Fees

Only pay when your name sells

What's Included

  • Payment Gateway Fees

    Squadhelp handles all Payment Gateway fees

  • Fraud Protection

    Payment collection using 3D Secure technology to prevent fraud.

  • Brokerage & Support

    Sales assistance, brokerage and 24 X 7 customer support.

  • Paid Marketing

    Paid advertising for your domains (that have a Logo).


Frequently asked questions:

Can I list any number of Domains?

Yes, you can add any number of domains to your Marketplace. Even if your domains are currently not listed on SH, you can still add them.

Do I need to point Name Servers to Squadhelp?

You do not need to point name servers to Squadhelp. Certain features such as Marketing promotion will not be available if your name servers are not pointed to the Marketplace. In addition, you may be required to verify the ownership of your domains by including a TXT record.

When customers type my domain name, which landing page do they see?

You have the option to take the customers to your own custom branded landing page or to a Squadhelp landing page.

Can I integrate with my own Google Analytics?

Absolutely! You can set up your own Google Analytics with a single click. In addition, you will have access to a wealth of stats from your own dashboard.

What about Premium Domains?

Your premium domains will automatically be listed under your own branded Marketplace. The best part is that if someone buys a seller owned premium domain name from your branded Marketplace, you receive an additional 20% back from SH share of commission.

Am I allowed to list these domains in other platforms as well?

Absolutely! You are free to list your non-premium domains in any platforms of your choice in addition to your own Marketplace. The premium domains can not be listed in external platforms, as per our Marketplace terms.

Will SH advertise all my domains (even if they are not Premium)

SH will advertise your domains via paid Retargeting ads across multiple channels. For the domains to be included in Advertising, they must have a Logo and the Name Servers must point to your Marketplace Landing page

Can I set any price?

Absolutely. You can set any price for your domains. If they are also listed on SH Marketplace (Premium, Basic Plus or Basic), you will be allowed to change the prices as per the existing rules for these listings

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We are currently offering a limited number of slots during our Beta phase.

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We are currently offering a limited number of slots during our Beta phase.

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